June 25, 2024

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One of our great customers, by the name of Ron, lives in Harper Woods, Michigan. He bought a Universal Aluminum Free-Standing Tower from us here at Palco and I must tell you -- he is one happy camper!

He bought the Model 21-40 tower and did a first class job of installing it! This 40 foot tower consists of four 10' sections plus of course the base, rotor shelf, etc. Starting with the bottom section and going up, the sections are 26" taper, 22" taper, 18" taper and the top section is a 14" straight section.

The towers are built to accommodate the various antennas and rotors. These towers DO NOT require guy wires. And unlike the iron/steel towers, they do not rust. They are very nice looking.

We'll be glad to design your tower to your own personal needs.

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